The Three Words That Will Help Students Become More Committed

Later this week, I’ll be offering some free video teaching to subscribers on how to raise your students’ commitment level. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? Click here, or fill out the form on the right. See you later this week!  When I got serious about empowering our student leaders, I […]

What’s Your #1 Goal This Summer?

Earlier this week, I shared with you some things I’ve learned about the importance of setting goals, and how they help you accomplish the most wildly important, deeply cherished things in your life. But before you finish setting those goals, let me tell you what I think your #1 goal should be for your ministry this summer. […]

How Setting Goals Helps You Get More Done

Let me tell you a story about how setting good goals helps you get more done, and achieve more than you knew you were capable of. In the summer of 2013, I was confronted with a classic case of good news/bad news. Good news: my publisher wanted me to write my second book, what eventually became […]

A Look at Our Ministry (video)

I get a fair number of questions from folks about how we’ve designed Elements, our church-based college ministry here at Penn State. Our stellar video team (Ginger and Greg) recently put this video together showing different aspects of our ministry and some of the team members. It does a nice job giving a feel for who we […]

Survey Says…

So the other day I asked you for your responses to a few questions. A bunch of you took the survey and the results were quite interesting. We had a great response from people in college ministry all over North America. Here are some of the key findings: Most of you are SOMEWHAT HAPPY with the state […]

What’s the #1 Thing Holding You Back?

Ah. On most campuses–including mine–it’s over. Or at least we change gears now. Students have graduated and (most of) the rest have gone home. But that doesn’t mean it’s “Summertime…and the livin’ is easy.” For many of us, maybe the most important work we do all year happens NOW.  In August-September, it’s all about execution. But […]

3H Leadership (Complete text of my keynote talk at BASIC:Live)

Today I had the honor of serving as one of the keynote speakers for the BASIC:Live online college leadership conference.  Below is the complete text of the talk I shared. Enjoy!   We’re going to talk about leadership in the Kingdom of God for the next few minutes. The world needs leaders. Our ministries and the […]