5 Marks of Unhealthy Organizational Thinking

How do you know if the organization you’re working for is unhealthy? Here are five signs. (Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list). 1) They employ zero-sum thinking. They think, “If you win, we lose.” And vice-versa. 2) They have numerous levels of controls and hierarchy that get in the way of doing things. Power […]

Selectivity vs. Development

If you read some leadership literature these days, it’s all about “hire the right people, only the best people, so that you don’t need to have meetings and manuals to hold them in check.” In other words, be highly selective about whom you bring on. But can we really do this? People don’t come out […]

What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back? It’s not what you think. You say, “If only I had this!” More funding. More staff. More space. Then I could be successful. But instead of railing against your constraints, you should embrace them. Christ-followers know that we are finite beings with limitations. But also that our all-powerful God has good […]

A Prayer on Vocation

Faith and work are meant to go together. Take some time to pray for your vocation, and your attitude towards your vocation! Our God who has created us, we thank you for entrusting us with important and meaningful vocations. Forgive us for belittling work, for finding work menial, and for taking our work lightly. Change […]

In Defense of Strategy

This morning I came across a post by Sam Allberry called Why ’Strategic Ministry’ Makes Me Deeply Uncomfortable. I really like Allberry’s work generally speaking; his little book “Is God Anti-Gay?” is succinctly brilliant, helpful, and pastoral. By all accounts he’s a great guy. But I was disappointed in this post. As I read Sam’s post, it seems he is uncomfortable with […]

Faith, Life & Work | A New Conference later this Fall!

We are super excited to be offering a new conference experience this Fall around the topic of Faith, Life, and Work. This event will be for students, working professionals–anyone really! Here’s the gist: Learn how to take your faith with you in every aspect of life – from work to home to play. No matter your career […]

Keep it Simple

It’s not easy to keep things simple. If you can’t explain a concept to an 8 year old, you might not really understand it. And we see this all the time in the church. Unnecessary complexity in ministry systems keeps them clogged and ineffective. Unnecessary complexity in faith conversations keeps us from meaningful, substantive ways […]

Lay Your Deadly Doing Down

  Lay your deadly “doing” down— Down at Jesus’ feet; Stand in Him, in Him alone, Gloriously complete. I first heard this quote years ago in a Tim Keller sermon (can’t remember which one), and found the message to be liberating. So I was curious to know more of the lyrics and a bit more about the hymn. […]

Jesus, the Savior

I wrapped up our 3-part mini-series on ICHTHUS this past Sunday by looking at Jesus as our Savior and Atoning Sacrifice. It’s a bit long but, hey, substitutionary atonement is deep waters!   You can listen to part 1 on Jesus the Christ here and part 2 on Jesus, God’s Son here.