This is Why We Read, Preach, and Teach the Whole Bible

Let me tell you why it’s wise to teach the whole Bible (or “the whole counsel of God” as some like to say). When the Holy Spirit is involved, he knows exactly what every person there needs to hear. The Spirit guides the preacher who wants to be a vessel for his work. He takes seemingly less […]

Special Growth Opportunity for You and Your Ministry

Hi friends, I’m writing today with a special growth opportunity for you and your ministry! I’ve been writing and speaking about the importance of college ministry, and how to strategically adapt to our changing context, ever since I started blogging in earnest in 2008. From blogging, to my first book, College Ministry in a Post-Christian […]

The Next Time Someone Says “That Sounds Too Risky…”

I was talking with a coaching client this past week. He told me about a conversation he had with someone on his team about the pros and cons of empowering students to increase their commitment. The team member’s response was essentially, “Whoa, that sounds too risky!” It is risky. If we actually delegate meaningful roles […]

Don’t Forget to Pray for This!

The Kingdom of God is advancing, and taking over new territory. It’s easy to forget that this includes your own heart. We should be praying for God’s kingdom to take over the unconquered areas of our hearts. Anxiety shows us these unconquered areas. It shows us what we’re not trusting God for. Jesus tells us not […]

The Three Words That Will Help Students Become More Committed

Later this week, I’ll be offering some free video teaching to subscribers on how to raise your students’ commitment level. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? Click here, or fill out the form on the right. See you later this week!  When I got serious about empowering our student leaders, I […]

What’s Your #1 Goal This Summer?

Earlier this week, I shared with you some things I’ve learned about the importance of setting goals, and how they help you accomplish the most wildly important, deeply cherished things in your life. But before you finish setting those goals, let me tell you what I think your #1 goal should be for your ministry this summer. […]

How Setting Goals Helps You Get More Done

Let me tell you a story about how setting good goals helps you get more done, and achieve more than you knew you were capable of. In the summer of 2013, I was confronted with a classic case of good news/bad news. Good news: my publisher wanted me to write my second book, what eventually became […]