Four Sermons on Being SENTinels

You may have noticed that this blog is called “The SENTinel,” playing off the idea that Christians are both people with a trust to guard and keep (the Gospel), and simultaneously sent out into the world, on mission with Jesus. I seek to have everything that appears on this blog tie into those themes.

I recently got to elaborate on those themes as I preached a four week series at Calvary on “SENTinels: Embracing Our Identities as Sent Ones.” It was well received. Since I regularly get asked by friends and supporters for links, I thought I’d pass them on here. Click on the titles to stream the audio, or right click to “Save as” if you want to download them.

I’d welcome any response or feedback here!

8/14 SENTinels #1: Embracing Our Identities As Sent Ones
“Being sent” is not just something we merely do as Christians, it’s who we are. To be like Jesus is to be sent like him, with his peace.

8/21 SENTinels #2: The Power Of ‘And ‘
There is both a “Come” and a “Go” in the Gospel.  The Gospel invites us to come to Jesus, but it also sends us outward in his name.

8/28 SENTinels #3: The One & The Many
A seed is a small thing, yet the Kingdom of God expands through many small things that add up to giant change.  Jesus shows us how to do that by loving him more than anything the world has to offer.

9/4 SENTinels #4: Faith For The Mission
It is easy to be paralyzed by the needs of the world, or to ignore them.  Yet Jesus looked directly at a needy world and acted.  In this message, we look at how faith equips us for anything God might ask of us.

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