For those of you connected to the world of college ministry, I want to tell you about an exciting new project and resource that I’m connected with,

I think we’re on the front end of a renaissance in the field of college ministry. While literature on and for our field used to be more confined to the in-houses presses of the “Big Dogs,” we’re seeing an increase and diffusion of interest, resources, and best practices. We’re seeing new models being explored outside the standard parachurch options, with huge implications for how we reach students, and train and fund staff. All of this comes at an incredibly strategic time for the field of college ministry, with higher than ever enrollments, lower than ever practicing Christians, and Higher Ed itself on the brink of some major disruptions.

New structures and practices mean new channels for resources are needed, and that’s why I’m excited about This site has been around for a few years, but it’s been completely revamped as a premium resource website and more. It’s being spearheaded by my friend Brad Baker, the college pastor at Saddleback Church in the OC (aka, “Rick Warren’s Church). Brad’s done a great job leading the redesign. He’s also brought on a solid list of contributors, including Lisa Birle, Ian Diorio, Tommy Hilliker, Ron Merrell, Josh Pease, Aaron Stern, Brandon Zieske, and yours truly.

The site offers a bunch of free resources, but also offers some premium-by-subscription resources that I think are well worth the price. There’s also a job bank, and opportunities to collaborate with others.

The purpose of really exceeds that of a simple resource website though:

Our Mission:  To serve and strengthen existing college ministries and those that lead them.

Our Vision:  To start hundreds of new college ministries in locations where they’re desperately needed.

It’s about more than sharing some articles. My hope is that it launches movements of churches and staff and students who want to reach the college students all around them. So please, check out the site, give us some feedback, spread the word on your networks, and help us reach more college students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



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