ICYMI–Three Ways to Promote Healthy Relationships

Photo by Paul Proshin. Use through Creative Commons. https://unsplash.com/paulproshin

Earlier this week, I had a post over at the Collegiate Collective (where I’m one of the editors) on promoting healthy relationships. It’s been well-received. Here’s the lede:

Here we go again! It’s that time of year. You know what I mean: with Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, the litany of relationship talk reaches a crescendo: Dating advice. Getting pulled in to “does he or doesn’t he?!” talk. Breakup drama. Counseling the girl who’s never been kissed and the guy who’s slept around—sometimes in the same day. It can all get a bit overwhelming. And after years of giving the love/sex/dating/marriage talks again and again (and wondering if they make any difference), can we admit it gets a bit tiresome?

But we need to keep talking about relationships. Just not the kind everyone seems so eager to talk about this time of year.

Click here to read the rest, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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