The Three Words That Will Help Students Become More Committed

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When I got serious about empowering our student leaders, I was nervous. Would it flop? Would their mess-ups be fatal to our ministry? Would the whole thing go off the rails?

But now I wish I had done it sooner. As my team and I worked hard to foster greater student buy-in, an amazing thing happened: The students rose to the occasion! They went deeper and farther in a shorter period of time than we could have imagined. In fact, our ministry tripled in size! And we’re continuing to grow, while doing better than ever at making disciples. Working hard to create greater buy-in among our students has been one of the best things we’ve ever done!

Now I find myself having conversations fairly often with people asking, “How did you do it?” There’s no magic bullet, but there’s one thing I found myself saying over and over again as we created greater student commitment. Three simple words: “We trust you.” 

Trust is foundational to any successful relationship—work or otherwise. Trust is the bedrock that allows us to give and receive encouragement, without it feeling fake or insincere. Trust allows us to say hard things too. I don’t want any part of a critique from someone I don’t trust. But when I trust them? I hear them out, and I’m better off for it.

The staff-student relationship has to be built on trust. And I’ve found that we don’t say “I trust you” enough. Or our actions undermine our words. We don’t really trust them. We’re afraid if we give them the keys to the car, they’ll bring it back all scratched and dented.

So that’s the first key to fostering greater student commitment. Trust them. Later this week, I’ll be offering some video training to subscribers with more ways that you can increase student buy-in.

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