What’s Holding You Back?

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Photo by Mikael Kristenson. Used by permission. https://unsplash.com/mikael_k

What’s holding you back?

It’s not what you think.

You say, “If only I had this!” More funding. More staff. More space. Then I could be successful.

But instead of railing against your constraints, you should embrace them.

Christ-followers know that we are finite beings with limitations. But also that our all-powerful God has good reasons for placing constraints on us.

Constraints keep you from running down unhelpful rabbit trails.
They keep you from bloat and excess.
They force you to look for new, better, and different solutions.

Think about the best idea you’ve ever had. The best innovation or brainstorm that ever struck you. The game-changer that opened up new doors and opportunities for your ministry.

Do you remember that moment?

Didn’t it come to you as a solution to a problem?

The obstacle you’re currently facing could be your friend, not your enemy.
What’s holding you back isn’t really your problem—it’s that you haven’t yet discovered the solution to your problem.

This is encouraging. It means you’re not helplessly stuck, waiting for the impossible to happen.

It means that you can find a solution.

So where are you addressing your best energy and creativity today? At harping on your problems, or imagining a solution to them?

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