Opportunity Annoys

They say that opportunity knocks.

That’s only on the rare occasion when it feels like being polite.

Maybe opportunity knocked at first. But sometimes we’re too dense or preoccupied to hear it. So after a while, opportunity doesn’t bother knocking anymore. It lets itself in, sits down in your favorite chair, and eats your food. It’s presumptuous and annoying that way. And your annoyance can keep you from recognizing it as an opportunity.

For the last few years, I’ve received an increasing amount of unsolicited requests for advice and help. People I don’t know, from who knows where. People asking for an hour (or more of my time) on the phone, even in person. Sometimes I would take these. I try to be helpful and generous, within my limits. But the more I did this, the more requests I received. I began to get annoyed. “Who has time for this?” I began to turn down or even not respond to some of these requests.

After three requests in one week though, something finally clicked into place. This wasn’t just an annoyance. This was an opportunity.

I began figuring out what it would look like to begin coaching people formally. So instead of random requests becoming annoying, I had a way to respond that worked for them and for me. A few months later, I now have several  clients.

You probably have something annoying staring you in the face right now. Instead of ignoring it, what would it look like to recognize and redeem this annoyance into an opportunity?

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