The Thing About Meetings

Photo by Andre Freitas. Use via CCo.

Photo by Andre Freitas. Use via CCo.

The thing about meetings is that they are necessary.
Not everyone seems to think that these days though.
“Get rid of meetings!” they seem to say.

But meetings are necessary.
Granted, all the meetings you’re having are probably not necessary.
And they may not need to be as frequent as you have them.
And they almost certainly don’t need to be as long as they are.

But they are necessary. Because people don’t know what they don’t know. Good meetings don’t simply deliver information (that can and should be done through other means); they equip people for how to think and handle a situation on their own.

Good meetings are productive. They bring people back together so that they can share the victories and work together through the defeats and obstacles. If I’m riding a high, I get to share it. If I’m down in the dumps, I am pulled out.

Good meetings are human. They are filled with laughter, good questions, passionate, even heated back-and-forth, helpful rabbit trails, teachable moments, brainstorms and ideation and spontaneous interactions that an email could never hope to replicate. Good meetings bring out the best in people.

Good meetings are about getting synchronized. During our normal working week, we fall out of sync. We stay in contact through email or texting or GroupMe or Slack, but those work because they are asynchronous. Good meetings re-synchronize us not only to our goals, objectives, and tasks, but to one another.

So don’t give up on your meetings. Make them better, but don’t get rid of them. Good meetings are more crucial than ever.

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