Hey Leader, Are You Treating Jesus as a Mascot?

I have a post up at the new site ChristNOW.com. I’m excited by its focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and glad to be helping out a bit with the launch. So this post is really just an excuse to get you to look at the rest of the site, which has a ton of tremendous resources designed to ignite a Christ Awakening in you and around the world.  I especially like the first video testimony listed here. 🙂 Here’s the first part of my post to whet your appetite:

As a church pastor, I’ve become convicted about how many church leaders—including me—have treated Jesus. In far too many of our meetings the crowd is thick, the band is hyped up, the team is fired up, and the teaching is good. But Jesus is merely a mascot. Just a mascot! What does that mean? Could this be true in your life or ministry?

David Bryant, author of the book Christ is All, says in convicting fashion that:

Once a week…we ‘trot [Jesus] out’ to cheer us up, to give us new vigor and vision, to reassure us that we are ‘somebodies.’ We invite him to reinvigorate our celebration of victories we think we’re destined to win. [Jesus] lifts our spirits. He resuscitates our souls. He rebuilds our confidence. He gives us reasons to cheer…We’re so proud of him!…Then, for the rest of the week, he is pretty much relegated to the sidelines as our figurehead…our cheers may be for him, but our victories are for us. There’s scant evidence that we think of ourselves as somehow utterly incapable of doing anything of eternal consequence apart from him.

Ouch! Let this conviction lead us to repentance and reflection on how Jesus is regarded in our ministries.

Source: Hey Leader, Are You Treating Jesus as a Mascot?

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