Understanding the Campus Protests 

Ross Douthat of the NYT skillfully dissects the history of Higher Ed, and why students do have something to protest: the complete vacuum of morality and purpose on our campuses.

Reason #7458 why we need more ministry to Higher Ed!

Campus radicals are often spoiled and self-dramatizing, but they also do have something to protest…

[T}he activists’ many critics, conservative and liberal, need a clearer sense of what these students are reacting against.

The protesters at Yale and Missouri and a longer list of schools stand accused of being spoiled, silly, self-dramatizing — and many of them are. But they’re also dealing with a university system that’s genuinely corrupt, and that’s long relied on rote appeals to the activists’ own left-wing pieties to cloak its utter lack of higher purpose.

And within this system, the contemporary college student is actually a strange blend of the pampered and the exploited.

Highly recommend reading the whole column at A Crisis Our Universities Deserve – The New York Times

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