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Steve Jubilee

I’m a pastor and practitioner with a heart for reaching college students and the world of higher education with the Gospel. I’m the author of  King of the Campus (The House Studio, Fall 2013) and College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture. (The House Studio, Fall 2011).

I have worked for churches and parachurch ministries, and served in urban and suburban campus contexts. I am currently the Lead Pastor of Wellspring Church in State College, PA, near Penn State University.

Before returning to Penn State (my alma mater) for ministry, I helped plant a church in Philadelphia, PA and worked with students at several Philly area schools.

I received my M.Div from Westminster Theological Seminary.

My interests include reaching college students, starting churches, innovation and entrepreneurship, American history, and Penn State and Philly sports.

I live with my wife Jessica and our three children in Boalsburg, PA. I tweet @stephenlutz.



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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Benson recommended your blog and great to see you are at PSU. I worked there with Buzz about 4 years ago. Give him a shout for me.

  2. Hey brother,

    I am an aspiring college minister from West Texas and came across your blog while looking for some resources to prepare me mentally for college ministry. Your stuff has been very helpful (even if it's only been like 30 mins). Keep writing and may God continue to bless your ministry at Happy Valley!

  3. Helpful site, especially in regards to needs and goals for college ministries.

    Question (and one I have posed to other college ministry leaders): Other than financial needs, what (if any) support/encouragement do such ministries need from older generations (including laity)?

    • Thanks Rick!

      GREAT question, and one I wish more people were asking.

      Reaching this people-group is a job for the whole body of Christ.

      We need people who will champion ministry to college students in their churches. Make sure its on your pastor & elders' radar. Make sure it shows up in the budget. Make sure students are cared for when they're away and when they come back in the summer.

      We need people who affirm that college ministry is not the "JV" and that this matters, greatly, for the future of the Church in North American and around the world.

      But most of all, we need older generations–ESPECIALLY empty-nesters–who will make it part of their life mission to reach out to college students. Become a mentor or coach in a college ministry. Volunteer part-time. Heck, even raise support and go on campus! From what I can see, students are hungry for this. You have much wisdom to offer–and students will help keep you young as well.

      Spread the word!

  4. Hi, I read your blog and found it really helpful for college ministry. We have a college ministry much like yours, and there are a group of students with us who are foreign students. These students return to their home country every summer break for 3-4 months at a stretch, and the challenge is for them to stay connected with God during that time when they are away.

    The problem is, many of these students are from China and other Asian countries such as Vietnam or Myanmmar, and they do not have access to a local church and support group which is able to provide continual support in their walk with God. Furthermore, many of these students are still spiritual babies. What sort of resources can you recommend for these students, that they will be able to continue feeding on in the summer holiday break? Sorry if its a troublesome question, but if you could help, it'd be great!

  5. Steve!! it’s been 10 years since you helped lead me to Christ. It means more to me than my recent birthday. Thank you. There’s so much more, but I hope you are good brother.