20 Questions for Mid-Year Evaluation

Before we get to Christmas—the bad sweater parties, white elephant gifts, egg nog, and of course the end-of-year fundraising push, don’t forget the mid-year evaluation! Take some time during Finals week and make a few course corrections. I highly recommend sitting down with your team (perhaps a mixture of staff, key student leaders, and volunteers) […]

Five Things College Ministry Has Taught Me About Discipleship

After more than a dozen years in college ministry, I’ve had legions of conversations with students about the typical “stuff” of college life: trying to faithfully navigate things like sex and romantic relationships, the party scene, schoolwork, getting a job, calling, and more. Many of these topics are most pronounced during the college years, or […]

7 Ways to Make the Most of a Conference Experience

This weekend, we are thrilled to host our first-ever Faith, Life, and Work Conference. It’s not too late to come, so if you’re reasonably close by, we would love to have you join us! Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve been to more conferences than I can remember. But some have certainly been […]

Five Ways to Demonstrate the Value of College Ministry to People Who Don’t Get It

“We’d like to do more for college students, but we just don’t have the resources.” When I listen for the reasons people give for not investing in college ministry, that’s usually #1. Everyone eventually faces the limits of what they can allocate in terms of staff, time, funding, and space. But when I hear people […]

The Thing About Meetings

The thing about meetings is that they are necessary. Not everyone seems to think that these days though. “Get rid of meetings!” they seem to say. But meetings are necessary. Granted, all the meetings you’re having are probably not necessary. And they may not need to be as frequent as you have them. And they […]

One Overwhelming and Fulfilling “Yes”

The highlight of David Brooks’ book The Road to Character was his portrayal of St. Augustine’s internal journey. Brooks skillfully connects this ancient saint’s experience to our own. In one place, he speaks to an issue common to many college students and young adults: Augustine’s feeling of fragmentation has its modern corollary in the way […]

5 Marks of Unhealthy Organizational Thinking

How do you know if the organization you’re working for is unhealthy? Here are five signs. (Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list). 1) They employ zero-sum thinking. They think, “If you win, we lose.” And vice-versa. 2) They have numerous levels of controls and hierarchy that get in the way of doing things. Power […]

In Defense of Strategy

This morning I came across a post by Sam Allberry called Why ’Strategic Ministry’ Makes Me Deeply Uncomfortable. I really like Allberry’s work generally speaking; his little book “Is God Anti-Gay?” is succinctly brilliant, helpful, and pastoral. By all accounts he’s a great guy. But I was disappointed in this post. As I read Sam’s post, it seems he is uncomfortable with […]

Faith, Life & Work | A New Conference later this Fall!

We are super excited to be offering a new conference experience this Fall around the topic of Faith, Life, and Work. This event will be for students, working professionals–anyone really! Here’s the gist: Learn how to take your faith with you in every aspect of life – from work to home to play. No matter your career […]

10 Questions to Ask When Considering Seminary

  “I’m considering going to seminary. Do you have any advice?” This conversation happens often enough–a few times a semester, and twice in the last two weeks—that I’ve compiled a list of questions I ask potential seminarians. I use these to prime the pump for our conversation and their discernment. Of course I have recommendations […]