The Debt We Owe to Abraham Kuyper

  For information on our Faith, Life, and Work Conference, click here.   When we talk about how “everything is spiritual,” or the importance of integrating all of our Faith, Life, and Work, we owe a debt to Abraham Kuyper. He famously said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, […]

Just Go Jogging

Church isn’t for perfect people. It’s not for people who think they have it all together. I like Rich Mullins’ tongue-in-cheek sentiment here: If you think you’ve arrived, just go for a run instead. Or a leisurely brunch. Or crunch those fantasy numbers. Or sleep in. Because church is for the weak, the needy, the sick, […]

Jesus, the Savior

I wrapped up our 3-part mini-series on ICHTHUS this past Sunday by looking at Jesus as our Savior and Atoning Sacrifice. It’s a bit long but, hey, substitutionary atonement is deep waters!   You can listen to part 1 on Jesus the Christ here and part 2 on Jesus, God’s Son here.

What I’m Reading

From time to time, I thought I’d share what I’m reading and finding helpful or stimulating. If you’re reading these or anything else interesting, I’d love to know in the comments! As you might expect from Keller, a marvel of genius-by-compression on many issues of preaching. As one reviewer said, more of a manifesto than manual. […]

Jesus, Son of God [sermon]

Listen to the sermon here In this brief series entitled ICHTHUS, we are looking at the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus spread through a startlingly simple confession: that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, God’s Son, and Savior. In the face of dozens of other competing religions, and in the teeth […]

This is Why We Read, Preach, and Teach the Whole Bible

Let me tell you why it’s wise to teach the whole Bible (or “the whole counsel of God” as some like to say). When the Holy Spirit is involved, he knows exactly what every person there needs to hear. The Spirit guides the preacher who wants to be a vessel for his work. He takes seemingly less […]

Eyewitnesses to Jesus?

It’s that time of year when magazines and news shows know they can attract some eyeballs with “breakthrough discoveries” about Jesus, and raise “new” questions about the historicity of the Bible. So it’s not a bad time to brush up on why Christians believe what we believe. After all, Christians believe the resurrection really happened–not in […]

The Bridge to the Bridge

  I have a new post up over at the Collegiate Collective, entitled “The Bridge to the Bridge.” It’s about how to have spiritual conversations that lead to gospel conversations. Here’s a snippet: Spiritual conversations are not-yet gospel conversations, pregnant with possibility, but not sufficient for salvation. But that does not mean they are unimportant! Rather, they […]