“I raged with a fierce and troubled conscience”

Martin Luther’s conversion, while reading Paul’s epistle to the Romans, was the spark that set fire to the Reformation. Below is his account of that struggle. Notice how the very phrase that he once hated became the sweetest word he had ever known: I had indeed been captivated with an extraordinary desire for understanding Paul […]

The Debt We Owe to Abraham Kuyper

  For information on our Faith, Life, and Work Conference, click here.   When we talk about how “everything is spiritual,” or the importance of integrating all of our Faith, Life, and Work, we owe a debt to Abraham Kuyper. He famously said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, […]

Why Should We Love the Church?

In his wonderful poem Choruses from “The Rock,” (which I anticipate quoting from in the future), T.S. Eliot makes a case for the Church: “Why should men love the Church? Why should they love her laws? She tells them of Life and Death, and of all that they would forget. She is tender where they would be […]

Just Go Jogging

Church isn’t for perfect people. It’s not for people who think they have it all together. I like Rich Mullins’ tongue-in-cheek sentiment here: If you think you’ve arrived, just go for a run instead. Or a leisurely brunch. Or crunch those fantasy numbers. Or sleep in. Because church is for the weak, the needy, the sick, […]

3 Ways to Help People Pursue Kingdom Work

This is a broken world. You know that. I know that. People know that.   They want justice. They want peace. They want flourishing. They want people to have clean water and mosquito nets and new shoes and literacy and no abuse and access to education–and the list goes on. They want things to be […]

Keep it Simple

It’s not easy to keep things simple. If you can’t explain a concept to an 8 year old, you might not really understand it. And we see this all the time in the church. Unnecessary complexity in ministry systems keeps them clogged and ineffective. Unnecessary complexity in faith conversations keeps us from meaningful, substantive ways […]

Lay Your Deadly Doing Down

  Lay your deadly “doing” down— Down at Jesus’ feet; Stand in Him, in Him alone, Gloriously complete. I first heard this quote years ago in a Tim Keller sermon (can’t remember which one), and found the message to be liberating. So I was curious to know more of the lyrics and a bit more about the hymn. […]

Jesus, the Savior

I wrapped up our 3-part mini-series on ICHTHUS this past Sunday by looking at Jesus as our Savior and Atoning Sacrifice. It’s a bit long but, hey, substitutionary atonement is deep waters!   You can listen to part 1 on Jesus the Christ here and part 2 on Jesus, God’s Son here.

What I’m Reading

From time to time, I thought I’d share what I’m reading and finding helpful or stimulating. If you’re reading these or anything else interesting, I’d love to know in the comments! As you might expect from Keller, a marvel of genius-by-compression on many issues of preaching. As one reviewer said, more of a manifesto than manual. […]