“I raged with a fierce and troubled conscience”

Martin Luther’s conversion, while reading Paul’s epistle to the Romans, was the spark that set fire to the Reformation. Below is his account of that struggle. Notice how the very phrase that he once hated became the sweetest word he had ever known: I had indeed been captivated with an extraordinary desire for understanding Paul […]

One Overwhelming and Fulfilling “Yes”

The highlight of David Brooks’ book The Road to Character was his portrayal of St. Augustine’s internal journey. Brooks skillfully connects this ancient saint’s experience to our own. In one place, he speaks to an issue common to many college students and young adults: Augustine’s feeling of fragmentation has its modern corollary in the way […]

Jesus, the Savior

I wrapped up our 3-part mini-series on ICHTHUS this past Sunday by looking at Jesus as our Savior and Atoning Sacrifice. It’s a bit long but, hey, substitutionary atonement is deep waters!   You can listen to part 1 on Jesus the Christ here and part 2 on Jesus, God’s Son here.

What I’m Reading

From time to time, I thought I’d share what I’m reading and finding helpful or stimulating. If you’re reading these or anything else interesting, I’d love to know in the comments! As you might expect from Keller, a marvel of genius-by-compression on many issues of preaching. As one reviewer said, more of a manifesto than manual. […]

Eyewitnesses to Jesus?

It’s that time of year when magazines and news shows know they can attract some eyeballs with “breakthrough discoveries” about Jesus, and raise “new” questions about the historicity of the Bible. So it’s not a bad time to brush up on why Christians believe what we believe. After all, Christians believe the resurrection really happened–not in […]

Why the Resurrection Matters (from the archives)

[I’ve posted this during Holy Week in the past, and thought it was worth highlighting again.] Christians have believed for two millennia that their faith rises and falls on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If he was indeed raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, the belief goes, then this testifies to […]

Pastors: A Surprising Source of Innovation

I’ve been revisiting one of my favorite books of the last 2-3 years, the densely erudite Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. At times combative, enlightening, mind-bending, and frustrating, the book has much to offer. Taleb’s Big Idea resists simplification, but at the core he’s saying that much of our world is highly fragile, and vulnerable to the improbable and […]

On the Unorthodox Martin Luther King, Myth, & Christianity

[REPOST–This post deals with the less-orthodox aspects of MLK’s theology. For the admirable and profoundly biblical foundations to MLK’s civil rights work, I recommend this post by Derek Rishmawy.] My friend “Ed the Gnostic” shared some interesting quotes with me by Martin Luther King from this article. These weren’t from the “I Have a Dream” speech […]