Henry Ford & the Cost of Not Innovating

I’ve been thinking & reading recently on innovation, for ministry and otherwise. I came across this terrific story about the innovative, stubborn, cantankerous, and deeply flawed Henry Ford. Ford changed the world with his Model T, but his “obsession” with it put the company firmly behind. Clearly, even the most gifted innovators can become enamored with their […]

The Debt We Owe to Abraham Kuyper

  For information on our Faith, Life, and Work Conference, click here.   When we talk about how “everything is spiritual,” or the importance of integrating all of our Faith, Life, and Work, we owe a debt to Abraham Kuyper. He famously said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, […]

What I’m Reading This Month [October]

From time to time, I thought I’d share what I’m reading and finding helpful or stimulating. Here’s what I was reading in September. If you’re reading these or anything else interesting, I’d love to know in the comments!       Rework is a manifesto of sorts. It’s about upending more traditional ways of starting and growing […]

Opportunity Annoys

They say that opportunity knocks. That’s only on the rare occasion when it feels like being polite. Maybe opportunity knocked at first. But sometimes we’re too dense or preoccupied to hear it. So after a while, opportunity doesn’t bother knocking anymore. It lets itself in, sits down in your favorite chair, and eats your food. […]

3 Ways to Help People Pursue Kingdom Work

This is a broken world. You know that. I know that. People know that.   They want justice. They want peace. They want flourishing. They want people to have clean water and mosquito nets and new shoes and literacy and no abuse and access to education–and the list goes on. They want things to be […]

What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back? It’s not what you think. You say, “If only I had this!” More funding. More staff. More space. Then I could be successful. But instead of railing against your constraints, you should embrace them. Christ-followers know that we are finite beings with limitations. But also that our all-powerful God has good […]

The Hidden Costs of Support Raising

One of the greatest obstacles to the growth and sustainability of college ministry is our over-reliance on support raising (SR). It’s not for everybody, and it may need to be dethroned as the primary engine for funding our ministries in the future. This is partly because of its hidden costs. For many college ministers, it’s the […]

Pastors: A Surprising Source of Innovation

I’ve been revisiting one of my favorite books of the last 2-3 years, the densely erudite Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. At times combative, enlightening, mind-bending, and frustrating, the book has much to offer. Taleb’s Big Idea resists simplification, but at the core he’s saying that much of our world is highly fragile, and vulnerable to the improbable and […]

We Have a Winner!

The votes have been cast…and we have a winner! The other day I asked you to help me decide which topic to cover next week at the Collegiate Collaborative. People cast their votes in the comments, through Twitter and Facebook, and private messages. And the winner is…The Future of College Ministry! I love talking about […]