Can the “Failure to Launch” Generation Launch New Churches?

The expectations for college students and recent grads have never been lower in our culture. Observers note the rise of prolonged adolescence, record student debt loads, the lack of learning and critical thinking skills developed during college, and record unemployment for recent grads. 85% of recent grads return home after graduation, an often uncomfortable situation […]


          For those of you connected to the world of college ministry, I want to tell you about an exciting new project and resource that I’m connected with, I think we’re on the front end of a renaissance in the field of college ministry. While literature on and for our […]

Surprising with Grace–and 300 hot dogs

You may have heard that PSU is something of a party school. And Christians here often struggle to know how to engage those students. So we decided to give away hot dogs. A lot of them. I arrived at our building at 10pm on Friday to find hundreds of hot dogs being boiled, broiled, and […]

Taking Ideas to Action (part 1: Inspiration)

We just had another excellent Faith 4 Thought Conference at Penn State, put on by Calvary College Connection, CCO, Penn State Christian Grads, and Third Place. I led two well-attended breakout sessions on “taking ideas to action.”  Here’s the description: The challenge isn’t just coming up with great ideas. The great ideas are out there. […]

Some links for your weekend reading

My browser now has about 27 tabs open. Time to close them by passing on the best to you. Here are some reads that I found interesting this week: Accommodationist evolutionary scientist/historian Michael Ruse talks about noted atheist Christopher Hitchens’ cancer, how Christians are praying for his conversion, and justification by faith. Fascinating read on […]

Some notes & further reading on Social Media for Ministry

Just some selected notes from my talk on “Using Social Media for Ministry.” If you want the whole presentation just email me at stevelutzcco[at]gmail[dot]com. So why AREN’T you using social media, or using it to your fullest ability? Don’t have time (you don’t have time to do ministry?) My students don’t use that stuff/I don’t […]

Organic Ministry means that (some) things should…DIE. Naturally.

The metaphor of “organic” ministry is often harnessed–in the New Testament and today–to help us think big about exponential, spontaneous growth.  This is entirely true and appropriate. But an organic mindset also means that some things should die. Jesus himself makes this clear.  He talks about the pruning work of the Gardener. John 15:2 “He […]