What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back? It’s not what you think. You say, “If only I had this!” More funding. More staff. More space. Then I could be successful. But instead of railing against your constraints, you should embrace them. Christ-followers know that we are finite beings with limitations. But also that our all-powerful God has good […]

Faith, Life & Work | A New Conference later this Fall!

We are super excited to be offering a new conference experience this Fall around the topic of Faith, Life, and Work. This event will be for students, working professionals–anyone really! Here’s the gist: Learn how to take your faith with you in every aspect of life – from work to home to play. No matter your career […]

10 Questions to Ask When Considering Seminary

  “I’m considering going to seminary. Do you have any advice?” This conversation happens often enough–a few times a semester, and twice in the last two weeks—that I’ve compiled a list of questions I ask potential seminarians. I use these to prime the pump for our conversation and their discernment. Of course I have recommendations […]

This is Why We Read, Preach, and Teach the Whole Bible

Let me tell you why it’s wise to teach the whole Bible (or “the whole counsel of God” as some like to say). When the Holy Spirit is involved, he knows exactly what every person there needs to hear. The Spirit guides the preacher who wants to be a vessel for his work. He takes seemingly less […]

The Next Time Someone Says “That Sounds Too Risky…”

I was talking with a coaching client this past week. He told me about a conversation he had with someone on his team about the pros and cons of empowering students to increase their commitment. The team member’s response was essentially, “Whoa, that sounds too risky!” It is risky. If we actually delegate meaningful roles […]

What’s Your #1 Goal This Summer?

Earlier this week, I shared with you some things I’ve learned about the importance of setting goals, and how they help you accomplish the most wildly important, deeply cherished things in your life. But before you finish setting those goals, let me tell you what I think your #1 goal should be for your ministry this summer. […]

Survey Says…

So the other day I asked you for your responses to a few questions. A bunch of you took the survey and the results were quite interesting. We had a great response from people in college ministry all over North America. Here are some of the key findings: Most of you are SOMEWHAT HAPPY with the state […]

What’s the #1 Thing Holding You Back?

Ah. On most campuses–including mine–it’s over. Or at least we change gears now. Students have graduated and (most of) the rest have gone home. But that doesn’t mean it’s “Summertime…and the livin’ is easy.” For many of us, maybe the most important work we do all year happens NOW.  In August-September, it’s all about execution. But […]

3H Leadership (Complete text of my keynote talk at BASIC:Live)

Today I had the honor of serving as one of the keynote speakers for the BASIC:Live online college leadership conference.  Below is the complete text of the talk I shared. Enjoy!   We’re going to talk about leadership in the Kingdom of God for the next few minutes. The world needs leaders. Our ministries and the […]

Check out BASIC:Live tomorrow!

I am honored to be one of the keynote speakers for BASIC:Live, an online college leadership conference that draws viewers from 18+ states. I will be speaking on 3H Leadership: Humility, Hardship, and High Impact, as modeled by Jesus. The world needs leaders. Our ministries and the people entrusted to us are looking for leaders. And […]