What Do You See?

When Jesus saw the crowds, he saw “sheep without a shepherd.” “Harassed and helpless.” (Matthew 9:35-38). He saw people. Hurt, lost, confused people. What do you see?   It’s amazing what technology can do these days with what we see. We can go “to the cloud” and “Photoshop” undesirable objects, expressions, or even people out […]

Where you can purchase College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture

As faithful readers of this blog know, my book will be released soon. Exciting! In fact, it’s hot off the press, and should be shipping right after Labor Day. You can read an excerpt from the book here.  I’m getting a lot of questions about where people can buy it, so I figured I’d include […]

Faculty & Staff are People Too

I recently watched some episodes of “Office Hours,” a “The Office”-styled, web-based satire of Higher Ed life, through the eyes of “Jenny,” adjunct faculty at fictional Juniper College, but apparently based on Juniata College (in nearby Huntingdon, PA). The short episodes (about 5 minutes each) shed light on the indignities, insecurities, gossip, social dynamics, and […]

Don’t Waste Your Unemployment!

An interesting piece in today’s NYTimes, by a recent (and employed) college grad. Then some thoughts on a redemptive, missional perspective for the young, educated, and un- (or under-)employed: Educated, Unemployed and Frustrated By MATTHEW C. KLEIN WE all enjoy speculating about which Arab regime will be toppled next, but maybe we should  be looking […]

Check out video of Epiphany-Camden, church plant with Doug Logan

Doug Logan is a good friend of mine, and is planting Epiphany Fellowship in Camden, NJ–one of the most bombed out, dangerous, and needy cities in the US.  This church plant is the fruit of a really interesting partnership that crosses denominational, racial, socioeconomic, and state lines. Two supporting churches are Epiphany Fellowship of Philadelphia […]

BIG NEWS!! My book is getting published!!

Some regular readers of this blog may know that I’ve been working on a book. Well, GREAT NEWS!! I’ve reached a verbal agreement with Chris Folmsbee of The House Studio http://www.thehousestudio.com/wp/ to publish what I’ve been calling “The Shift: Reclaiming the Missional Nature of Campus Ministry.” I’m really stoked for this book to see the light […]

A “Divine Appointment,” and some recent preaching/teaching

A couple links if you’re interested, then a story about a divine appointment I had recently. I preached this past Sunday at Calvary, on “Faith in the Faithful One,” from John 14:12 and 1 John 5:1-5. Part of our “Greater Than” series, looking at Jesus’ words in John 14:12. You can download the video of the […]

Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski on missional communities

“Missional communities” is one of those terms that gets thrown around so much that it starts to lose its meaning. But I’m convinced it’s worth holding on to.  And few people do a better job of both defining and practicing this vital Christian corporate lifestyle than Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski, co-pastors with Soma in […]