Big Announcement!

Yesterday I announced at Calvary that at the end of this year, and after much prayer, counsel, and deliberation, Jess and I are leaving Calvary staff to plant a new church here in State College. The call to plant a new church represents the fruition of things God has been doing in Jess and I […]

Working at the Epicenter

It’s often said (by me and others) that college ministry is the most strategic mission field in the world. What does that mean? And why does it matter? What about other mission fields? In this video from the Collegiate Collective, I join friends Brian Frye and Ed Kang to make the case for collegiate ministry, […]

Understanding the Campus Protests 

Ross Douthat of the NYT skillfully dissects the history of Higher Ed, and why students do have something to protest: the complete vacuum of morality and purpose on our campuses. Reason #7458 why we need more ministry to Higher Ed! Campus radicals are often spoiled and self-dramatizing, but they also do have something to protest… [T}he […]

Count Your Ministry Casualties

I have a new post up on the Collegiate Collective today, on the importance of Counting Your Casualties. I’m seeking to address a topic–losing people in ministry–that I don’t hear come up very often, but that needs to be discussed. We rarely talk about our casualties, especially outside our immediate circle. It’s certainly not the kind […]

How God Answers Prayer

John Newton (1725-1807) is famous for being the former slave trader-turned-pastor who penned the words to the well-known and beloved hymn “Amazing Grace.” He was also a mentor to the great abolitionist William Wilberforce and to the hymnist William Cowper, and for many years pastored a congregation in Olney, England, where he was noted for […]

Jesus, the Christ

In a culture that likes the idea of Jesus, but doesn’t have a great idea of who he is, it’s crucial that we know who he claimed to be and what his followers confessed about him.  I just started a 3 week series on “ICHTHUS,” the confession of faith embedded in the so-called “Jesus fish” that […]

Faithfulness in College Is ‘Life-Wide’ – The Gospel Coalition

I have a new post over at The Gospel Coalition, where I talk about “life-wide” faithfulness. Written directly to college students, but applies just as well to all kinds of students (including students of life)! College students need to see that faithfulness is both life-long (college and beyond) and life-wide (academics and beyond). Source: Faithfulness […]

Does All Prayer Get Answered? (Consult this Flow Chart)

I preached on Matthew 7:7-12–the “Ask, Seek, Knock” passage–and dealt with the problem of prayers that don’t get answered, especially in light of Jesus’ promise that “everyone who asks receives.” What do we do with that promise? How do we reconcile that with our experience? Working with my wife Jess, I made up this flow […]