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This is for Those Who Know College Ministry is a Lot More Than Ultimate Frisbee and Drinking Coffee!

College ministry is a lot more than eating pizza and playing video games. It’s even a lot more than leading Bible studies and going on retreats and Spring Break trips. Contrary to popular misconceptions, this is a year-round job (we work hard in the summers, thank you very much)—and it’s a demanding one at that!

There are days when your one job of “college minister” is actually more like twelve, right? You’re an evangelist, teacher, theologian, shepherd, administrative assistant, counselor, coach, mentor, event planner, entrepreneur, student, and support-raiser—and that’s just before dinner!

what a campus minister really does


Do you ever wish that maybe this job was a little simpler? Not that you actually want to quit (ok, maybe that has crossed your mind once or twice), but at 2am, you lie in your bed and you think:

  • “Am I supposed to feel this stressed all the time?”
  • “Why don’t more students come to our meetings?”
  • “How can I learn to lead/teach/disciple better?”
  • “How do I set the right boundaries in my life? I’m not in college anymore…”
  • “How can I get my financial support to 100% right now? (Because just thinking about it puts a knot in my stomach).”

If that sounds uncomfortably close to your inner monologue, congratulations—you’re not alone! In fact, you’re normal.

But who wants to be normal?


Normal is overrated. Lots of people feel that 2am angst and insist they’re going to do something about it…and they never do. They keep on feeling insufficient, overmatched, frustrated, and stuck, and they want things to change. But they never take the basic steps to seek change! So they stuff all that negativity down and put on a happy face until they get so frustrated that it all erupts one day in a tearful mess and they finally quit to do something—anything—else.

If normal means constantly feeling stressed, misunderstood, and broke, then yeah—the last thing you want is normal!

On top of that, you feel guilty for even questioning your situation, because you really love most of college ministry. You love the students, the stage of life, the college atmosphere. You love ministering to them.

You know that when it comes to the future of the Kingdom of God, college students are the most strategic people group in the world, because of who they are, where they are, and when they are.

You love this job. You believe it’s a high calling. You want to keep doing it, and doing it well. You’re not normal, because you’re ready to change. You’re willing to put in the work to do this for a long time, and do it well.

So What Are You Doing to Get Better?


What’s one thing you’re doing right now to change your situation?

How are you working to improve your life and ministry?

Are you working on your ministry, or just working in it?

Are you just plugging along, hoping things get better? Are you hoping the learning curve miraculously moves way quicker for you than for everyone else?

Deep down you know that a passive approach to your future isn’t going to work. It just doesn’t. You don’t tolerate a “just wait and see” approach in other areas of your life, but “right now things are really busy.” I agree! Which one of these best fits you and your situation?

Are you:

  • plateaued and want to take your college ministry to the next level?
  • leading the ministry in a bold, new direction?
  • riding the rocket of massive growth?
  • starting from scratch?
  • maybe just hoping to survive?

If you’re in any of those situations, there’s one thing I KNOW you need:

You need HELP!


I don’t necessarily mean going to a shrink—though you may need that too! I mean the kind of help where someone gives you direct feedback on you and your ministry. Someone who understands your situation and won’t penalize you for asking questions.

Who is that person for you? Where do you go for help?

  • Your senior pastor? That assumes he knows your name…ok, maybe that’s unfair, but he may not really know you or your ministry all that well…
  • Your supervisor? Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable talking about areas of weakness and frustration with our boss…
  • Your friends? They may be sympathetic, but not able to help you get unstuck…
  • Books and websites? They can be great, but they’re not always what you need, when you need it (and I say that as a two-time author!)…

What you need is real-time feedback. You need guidance. You need know-how. You need applied real-world experience. You need a sympathetic ear. You need mentorship. In other words…

You need a coach!


That’s where I can help!

Since 2003, I’ve been working in college ministry in a variety of contexts. I’ve served in church and parachurch, church plant and established church, urban and suburban, big school and small school, one site and multi-site. I’m a practitioner, still serving in the trenches, still working with students.

I’ve also been equipping other people engaged in college ministry. I’ve been writing and speaking and generally advocating for our field for years. Increasingly, this has led me to coach and consult with leaders like you—so you’re not just getting my experience, but what I’ve gleaned from working with really sharp people from across North America.

Regardless of where you’re at, I’ve been there! Or I know someone who has. I want to share the best of what I’ve learned with you!

What Coaching Can Do For You


Our field is constantly changing and often challenging. Our type of ministry is easily confused or misunderstood. You need a sympathetic outside perspective in your life, someone who understands you and your context but isn’t in your context. Someone who will root for you and push you to get better. Someone who is committed to helping you grow as a person and a leader. Someone who believes in you. My coaching supports you and accelerates your personal and professional growth.

I’ll teach you things I’ve learned along the way, like:

  • How to double your end of year donations with one simple step
  • How to save 10 hours of your week, every week
  • How to grow an intern program that won’t burn you
  • How to put boundaries in your life so you can raise a family and do your job
  • How to make your summers count

Tell Me If This Makes Any Sense


You’re in ministry. You spend your days helping people understand more of who Jesus Christ is, and who they are because of Christ.


You speak hope to hopeless people.

You speak peace to anxious people.

You speak strength to weak and fearful people.

You speak worth to people who feel worthless.


You work relentlessly to help people grow in to their identity in Christ, as people who bear the image of God, as people who will live forever.


You invest your time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears in someone’s growth. And when you see good fruit come from our investment, you rejoice—right?


But here’s the part that doesn’t make any sense:


You don’t invest even a tenth of your time, energy, and resources in your own growth!


Why is that?!?!


You know what I’ve concluded after talking with many people over the years?


They Don’t Think They’re Worth It


I don’t mean in some kind of ultimate sense. We are all people who bear the imago Dei and carry the eternal “weight of glory.” Our real worth—the kind of worth that matters—comes from God. We can’t add or take away from that.


But I’m talking in more of an invest-in-yourself sense. People apparently have a low view of their own potential.


They don’t see it as worth it to invest in their own growth and development. It feels vaguely selfish. And it certainly could be. But if we don’t grow, we won’t be able to bear much fruit in the lives of others.


The single best way I know to invest in your own growth and development is through coaching. Being coached transformed my work, and set me on a new trajectory of growth. And I’ve been able to do that for some other people.


But can I afford it? Probably more than you realize! Think about how much you already invest in books, conferences, clothes, coffee, technology, entertainment…you get the idea. We invest in many things every day, but when was the last time you invested in you?


I think you’re worth it. The question is, do you?


How We Will Work Together


Early on, we’ll establish goals for how you want to grow and what you want to accomplish through our time together. We’ll have regular coaching appointments, at a frequency you determine based on the plan you select below. We’ll meet ­face to face, on the phone, or via video call.

During each appointment, you’ll have my undivided attention and we’ll work together towards your goals and the results that you want to see. I’m confident that you’ll be pleased with your progress.

But Wait There’s More!


One of the values my coaching will bring to you isn’t just in the conversations we’ll have—it’s also the people I want to introduce you to! If you become an ongoing client, I’ll add a few things to make this an optimal experience:

  • I will send you our Staff and Student manuals, approximately 200 pages of hard-earned wisdom and experience that capture what we do in our ministry, how we do it, and why. A huge help as you build your own ministry! (a $99 value).
  • You’ll get access to my current “mini-course” that I’m teaching online, a $199 value. Currently “How to Decentralize Your Ministry for Maximum Impact.”
  • Interested in contributing to the ministry conversation? I’ll look for places where your voice needs to be heard, like with the Collegiate Collective, where I’m one of the editors.
  • I’ll add you to a private, members-only Facebook group where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from like-minded people.
  • Every so often, we’ll convene a private Google Hangout so we can have real-time conversations about anything we want to talk about. We may even have a special guest stop by from time to time to drop some wisdom on us!


What If I’m Not Sure?


Here’s my promise to you: If you work with me for two months, and you don’t receive an enormous amount of benefit to you and your ministry, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked! I’m confident you’ll be so pleased with our time together that you’ll be looking forward to the next conversation!




“One of the greatest gifts my sending church gave to myself and my co-planter was one-year of coaching with Steve Lutz. At that point, I knew as much about church planting as a cat knows about swimming. From fundraising & strategic planning to key missional & ecclesiological questions, I was a blank slate. Steve guided us through critical decisions and projects not by making decisions for us, but rather by equipping us with the tools necessary to make wise, biblical decisions. Steve served us as a coach and a shepherd and much of our fruitfulness is due to the critical hours Steve spent with us in those early days.”

Matt Cohen, Lead Pastor of CityLight Church, (Philadelphia, PA)


 I have known Steve for years and several things that have always shined about him is his passion for Jesus, his wife, and college students.  He has proven by God’s grace through pastoring and leading college students that his ministry to college students isn’t a stepping stone to a greater ministry, but it is his great ministry.

Dr. Eric M. Mason, Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship (Philadelphia, PA), President of Thriving, Author of Manhood Restored


Probably the biggest difference I have seen through receiving coaching from Steve is missional clarity. His tools and helpful thoughts have proved invaluable to me. Our leaders are being trained better, our direction is more clear, and our ministry is more fruitful because of those things. Steve has helped me see issues and possibilities that I didn’t even know we were facing. He has fully grasped our ministry context, and helped move me toward shaping authentic, clear goals for that context. I would recommend Steve’s coaching to any one. 
Dakota Zook, Director of Grace Collegiate, Grace Community Church (Tyler, TX)
Steve has been phenomenal. He has helped in out in so many areas from preaching, to leading teams, mentoring students, and personal goals. I would highly recommend him as a coach–it will be worth your time and investment.
Rashard Barnes, College Ministry Director, Redeemer Church (Lubbock, TX)


Ready to Press Play?


If you’re ready to start this coaching journey, let’s press play! Simply fill out this form and I’ll be in touch.  If you complete the form, I’ll also send you an article excerpted from our staff manual, on How to Do One-on-One Meetings. 

Maybe you’re not quite ready. I get that. But here’s the thing about life—and ministry: it just keeps moving. The To-Do list keeps growing. The distractions keep multiplying. The problems keep coming. You know this. In fact, that’s why you’re reading this, looking for something or someone to help you.

There will likely be no perfect moment to start getting coaching—but there is this moment, right now, when you’re thinking about everything you have going on and everything you need to do, and wondering how and when you’ll ever get to it all.

And if you’re like most people, you’ll file this away as interesting, or “something I’ll figure out during the next break,” or even “important but not urgent.” And you know how it goes with those important-but-not-urgent things: they never get done. At least not when they needed to get done!

But you’ve read this far because you’re not most people. You’re not content to table this for another day. For the sake of your life and your ministry, you want to start improving. For your relationship with God, and your spouse and family, you know you need to make some changes. You’re ready to press play.

So let’s talk. You may not know which coaching package works best for you. You may not be sure of how you’re going to pay for it. You may not even be entirely sure if you want to work with me. I get that.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how coaching works, and what it costs, then just fill out the form.

Sound good? I look forward to hearing from you!


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